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Education and training for every size of business

The aim of The INIC Institute is to help people understand the most important aspects of each course in the shortest amount of time possible.


We have not designed our course to make you an expert overnight. We do, however, teach you the important things to be as productive in this field quickly.


The four courses we offer are what we believe to be the most practical and useful for the everyday duties in every business.




The courses are designed by professionals who have already proven their success in the industry. You can, therefore, be confident that Dominic Lambrinos The INIC Institute only focuses on a way of financial thinking and structuring that works. The topics in each course have been prioritised based on skills that we have noticed are missing in the marketplace.

How to Understand Financial Statements in a Day

  • Learn how to financially pick apart the bones of a business.
  • Identify the most important aspects of financial statements and use them to quickly gauge the health of a business.
  • Learn how to use information in financial statements to reverse engineer the capability of a business to borrow money.

How to Understand Property Finance in a Day

  • Learn how to financially structure finance arrangements for property purchases, land banks, equity releases, refinances and construction.
  • Understand the main risks in each of the above transactions and learn how to mitigate them.
  • Appreciate the qualitative and quantitative elements viewed by funders to control risk and therefore minimise finance costs.

How to Understand Cashflow Finance in a Day

  • Learn about the array of cash flow finance products and when and where each one could help your client.
  • Improve quantitative analysis skills by reverse-engineering a company’s borrowing capability, and match a suitable cash flow finance product to this budget.
  • Learn how to leverage cash flow finance to grow profit.

How to Understand Asset Finance in a Day

  • Learn different structures under which a company can purchase equipment and other assets.
  • Better understand a company’s unique circumstances and match an appropriate leasing structure to make the most efficient use of their resources.
  • Demonstrate how leasing productive and cash flow positive equipment can cover the cost of finance and help grow the business.



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We strive to create a business based on client satisfaction and long-term relationships. The money-back guarantee is a small part of the measures we take to ensure our clients receive excellent service from an honest company in a risk-free environment.

Dominic M. Lambrinos

Founder, The INIC Institute